It’s no question that career sites are an important resource that candidates use to research and evaluate a company and their employer brand. Simply having a career site isn’t enough, but having an informative and frictionless experience is vital. From a designer’s perspective, here are a few career sites that stand out. If you’re looking for some career site inspiration, scroll onward!

Note: I intentionally did not include any current KRT clients in this list.

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At first glance, Airbnb’s site is clean and structured in a logical and understandable way. It is easy to locate their mission, core values, benefits, and open positions. Some things they did well:

  • The site layout is easy to navigate for anyone looking for a job, whether you’re looking for an internship, contract, or full-time position. It is helpful to see the number of jobs available in each location or department, and the way Airbnb displays job openings is easy to understand.
  • Airbnb’s voice reflects its services – “What’s your next destination,” “Be a host,” and “Embrace the adventure.”
  • Their mission and core values are displayed right at the top, showing that they’re value-driven. Airbnb displays their values in a simple, engaging carousel.




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Spotify focuses on showcasing their lively company with large photos and videos and their signature black and green colors. While I enjoyed the overall feel of their site, I found their job navigation system clunky and difficult to sort through, especially when there are so many positions available. Here are some things I loved:

  • The full-size videos playing in the background of the header show employee collaboration, fun concerts and interactions, and music equipment. Without scrolling down, users can already tell what kind of company Spotify is. Plus, the big headline “Join the band” really nails that in.
  • Spotify features a quote from their CEO that reflects his value of mentorship and individual growth within the company.
  • Their careers page carries the band/music theme in its voice – “Go Backstage” for a mission statement and open positions are “jobs on the playlist.”




Simple and effective is Squarespace’s favorite combination. The overall flow of their site is smooth and consistent. Despite how much information is presented within a few pages, Squarespace does a great job at implementing a clean, functional site. Some of my favorite parts include:

  • Open positions are displayed on this page in a practical and readable way – by listing the number of job positions in each category, Squarespace doesn’t clutter the page with individual listings and needless scrolling.
  • Squarespace lists their values, benefits, awards, and various statistics in a uniform and consistent way, which works well in keeping the page simple and legible.
  • In the “Our Team” section, Squarespace not only introduces its executive team, but represents its staff as part of the team as well – a very nice, personable touch to their site.





YouTube’s career page is fun and engaging. A lot of movement in video and transitions keeps users occupied as they need to scroll through the page to get information. The site layout is not as explicit as other examples, and there are a lot of possibly unnoticed features of this site, but I found that:

  • The video header is eye-catching and reflective of their brand. The videos leave a triangular play button, which is a fun little nugget.
  • Their use of fading-in effects and line movements as you scroll through the page is engaging and helpful in retaining people’s attention.
  • Each job category has its own specialized page, with photos and individual descriptions that are helpful for candidates considering that category.




While many of the career sites featured on this post use a lot of white or light gray backgrounds, I found Meraki’s execution of colors and overall layout to be refreshing and unique. Its long list of job positions can be overwhelmingly long, but here are some ways it stood out:

  • Its blurred header image makes the definition of Meraki upfront and readable. Using the definition of the company name is a great headline, clearly defining a principle that they hold highly enough to name the company.
  • The department spotlight section is very clean, as it highlights a particular department and displays a description, testimonial, and photo over a dark gray background.
  • The overall layout of the photos, department spotlight, and life at Meraki sections are very deliberately stacked together. There isn’t a lot of white, blank spaces between the sections, creating a good balance of light and dark tones and a sense of unity in its proximity of each other.




Square is a great example of a standard, modern website – a lot of white space, light gray tones, and simplified icons. Each section is titled and neat, with small splashes of Square’s blue. This caught my eye about Square’s career site:

  • The usage of staged and uniform photography helps bring the site together. Most of the photographs are of string and blocks, with minimal color. It creates a very constant and deliberate experience as you scroll through the header and department categories.
  • Despite opting out of using people to show their department categories, Square compiles a few company photographs in a slideshow. It shows professional collaboration and a slick, modern atmosphere in the office.
  • The job openings button available on the top navigation bar is helpful for candidates to find it, regardless of where they are on the page.




Ellation goes big with colors, lively graphics, and engaging, bolded text. They do a great job grabbing your attention and maintaining an animated experience throughout the page. What makes them stand out to me:

  • Huge, vibrant headlines that immediately catch your eye. There’s no mistaking where on the page you are, and what information you’ll find in each section.
  • Utilizing a “ripped page” textured line to separate each section. This adds to the dynamic feel Ellation aims for throughout the page.
  • Lots of great photographs that bring insight on what kind of company Ellation is and what the culture looks like.
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These are just a few remarkable examples of companies that nailed their career site. Have more companies with awesome career sites in mind? Share your thoughts in the comments or tell us on Twitter!